New Hampshire Security License

New Hampshire Security License

The New Hampshire Security License is a type of license that allows the holder to provide services in the state. The requirements for obtaining this license are different from those required for other states, making it complicated and sometimes costly to obtain. You must know what these requirements are before you submit an application.

Obtaining a New Hampshire Security Guard License

You need to take several courses and tests in order for you to be eligible. These include:

  • An 8-hour course on criminal justice principles. It covers topics such as human behavior patterns.
  • Law enforcement philosophy/methods and practices with regards to threats or violence against employees.
  • Legal aspects including First Aid Foundation requirements. They include CPR certification, and use/carrying procedures.
  • Weapon qualifications per laws governing officers who carry firearms while working alone.

The last 3 days involve extensive field training at sites around the state that specializes in weapons retention dynamics. This teaches how attacks happen from various angles so that an officer can adapt accordingly.

How many days after initial employment do you have to apply?

Every day, the state regulatory board pores over applications from qualified candidates. They expect that officers will submit their applications within seven days after employment begins. Thus, it’s only appropriate for them to do so as well.

Where to get a security guard license in New Hampshire?

The best way is to pass both the exam and FBI criminal history check. The only agency that issues it is Security Guard Registration (SGD).

Renewing your security license

You should send the licensing board your fingerprints and payment. The fee is $40 for residential tags or three times as much if applying out-of-state (minimum of 1 year). The renewal fee is $70. It lasts for five years.

Replacing the security guard license

You can now renew or replace an old one online, so long as you have your photo ID ready when going through the process! The application is free, but there’s a $5 fee if you need another copy made after submitting all necessary documents. For example, proof that you have paid taxes on time since last year (to prove address).

Security License Requirements in NH

There are no prerequisites or extensive training periods required before you apply. So, simply assemble all certified transcripts from past employers, as well as two letters confirming your educational background (or equivalent). Then, pay $50 per year on top-of-the-line liability insurance coverage. That’s it!

The criteria also include at least 2 years’ worth of verifiable work experience, as well as documentation from previous employers. It verifies this time spent on duty has been logged under observation hours (i.e., when someone watches over them).

The rules do not allow any gaps between certifications. So, make sure all paperwork is up-to-date before applying!

How long does it take to get a New Hampshire Security guard license?

In terms of the process, it can take anywhere from two weeks to three months.

What states transfer New Hampshire security guard licenses?

To transfer an out-of-state, contact the Board in either of these: Massachusetts or Vermont or both!


The cost to get your New Hampshire security ID is $100 and includes testing fees as well. This will be due when submitting an application in order for them to review it. That takes around 30 days from then on out.

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