New Hampshire Plumbing License

New Hampshire Plumbing License

If you want to be a good professional in the contractor’s field, you have to apply for and obtain a New Hampshire Plumbing License. The permission will allow you to work legally, earn more money, and demonstrate your abilities.

Each licensee must complete some training, practice, and qualify for an exam. In short, to become a plumber, the applicant must first be an apprentice, then apply for a journeyman permit, and finally, upgrade to master.

New Hampshire Plumbing License: Apprentice Requirements

All the contractors should pass an apprenticeship or submit credit if they already have working experience.

It is important that all background evidence should be recorded. Moreover, an affidavit proving relevant field experience has to be included attached to your application.

If no background records, you have to enroll in four-year training.

In order to start your career, visit the local office and have these papers with you:

  • A cheque for a payment of $90 for the application
  • 2×2 photo of yourself
  • Proof of identity
  • Contact info of your employer

Requirements For The Journeyman

In New Hampshire, any beginner has to practice and customarily conduct the work under the direction of a qualified licensee. The general requirements for them are the following;

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • He or she should submit a four-year apprenticeship certificate or any related document as verification and have valid verification of identity.
  • The employer should give a letter as confirmation of the applicant’s skills.

Besides, you’ll also need to bring 2×2 photos and a photocopy of the current passport.

However, before heading to fill in the application form, you have to take state-level testing. In NH, there are two accredited and certified institutions where you can apply for the exam:

  • NH Gasfitters Exams
  • Prov, Inc

In all cases, you’ll need to score at least 70% to successfully pass the testing.

Master Plumber’s Requirements

Actually, masters are eligible to start a business. They may also hire professionals in their team. However, they also have to pass a lot of training and provide working experience.

The first criteria are to operate as a journeyman for at least half a year and submit an examination certificate. All the applicants have to be 18 years and older.

If you are eligible for the above-mentioned criteria, have these documents ready and visit the local office:

  • A copy of your current passport
  • A 2×2 photo of yourself
  • A copy of your present certificate
  • One letter signed and written by your employer as confirmation you’ve been his or her trainee

You also have to make a payment of $310 and take state-approved testing. The minimum score is 70%.

How often should I undergo the renewal process?

Each licensee should renew the permit every two years. In general, the state requires continuing education for at least three hours or a state-approved exam. You can apply to the same institution you have studied in. However, you may also lookup for accredited training centers in your county or provide professional experience records.

Fees may vary for each type of certification.

  • Apprentices should make a payment of $80 biannually.
  • The journeyman should make a payment of $180.
  • The Master’s certificate’s renewal fee is $300.

You’ll get a reminder notification a month before the due date. Make sure your documents are up-to-date and valid. Don’t miss the due date to avoid late renewal fines and penalties.

New Hampshire Plumbing License Lookup

The moment you obtain your NH plumbing license, your professional data will be added to the state Online Licensing database. This platform is also a very effective way to check the licensure status of your employee. Just enter the website and find the “business search” or “person search” field. Here you can fill in the required lines and find the appropriate data.

In addition, you should specify the certification type when running a lookup. And, as a matter of fact, you should provide the permit ID, licensee’s name and surname, or the business name.

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