New Hampshire Nursing License

New Hampshire Nursing License

Are you interested in nursing? Do you want to learn how to verify, renew and get a New Hampshire nursing license? If you do, then you should check the points below and get the answers to your questions.

How to check your nursing license in New Hampshire

If you wish to check the status of your New Hampshire nursing license, then you should use this online license verification tool.

When you are on the page, select your profession (nursing) and the license type. Then enter personal information, which includes your first/last name and the license number.

Afterwards you should click on the “search” button and the tool will provide you with needed information, as well as the status of the nursing license.

If you need to conduct the search again or delete the given data, just click on the “clear” button.

Is the Board of Nursing open in New Hampshire?

The New Hampshire Board of Nursing is open on working days (from Monday to Friday) from 8am to 4pm.

How you can renew your New Hampshire nursing license

In the state of New Hampshire, you must renew your nursing license every two years. The Board will mail you postcards six weeks before the license expiration to remind you of the upcoming renewal.

It is important to inform the Board of your address changes so that you do not experience any delays.

The main requirement for license renewal is completing 30 contact hours of continuing education. To put it differently, you must obtain those credits through workshops, conferences, lectures or other educational packages.

Given these points, you should know that continuing education is to enhance your nursing knowledge, skills and competency.

If you fail to renew the license in time, it will become inactive and you will not be able to use it.

To renew the license, go through the online licensing link and login to your account (provide the user ID and password). After that, follow the steps and complete the renewal. You should also pay $80 for the service.

In case you are unable or find it hard to renew your license online, you may request a paper application.

Contact Information

New Hampshire Board of Nursing
121 S. Fruit Street Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 603.271.2323
Fax: 603.271.6605

Get your nursing license in New Hampshire

Earn a nursing degree

Nursing applicants must enroll in a professional and approved nursing programs and earn their degrees. Hence, you must complete a programs, which offers either a Bachelor’s (BSN) or an Associate (ADN) degree.

Submit the application

After completing the nursing program, the next step is to submit the application. Click here and apply online, paying the $120 license fee.

Graduates, who have graduated from approved US or Canadian programs, can also apply providing that they submit official transcripts and application materials.

It is important to know that applicants may also apply for a temporary license to practice as graduate nurses while they wait to take the exam. The fee for a temporary license is $20.

Take the NCLEX

Nurses applying for licensure must take and pass the NCLEX. The latter is a credible source to determine whether you possess all the knowledge to practice as a professional nurse.

Use this link to register for the exam and schedule a sitting. Note that you must pay $200 for each time you attempt to pass it.

Those, who fail on their first attempt, can retake the exam again as long as they pay $200 again. However, it is preferable to concentrate on the test and succeed so that you do not lose time and receive the nursing license sooner.

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