New Hampshire Secretary of State

New Hampshire Secretary of State

The New Hampshire Secretary of State is a constitutional officer in New Hampshire (NH). The officer serves as the exclusive head of the New Hampshire Department of State. In addition, the Secretary is elected by the NH General Court. The elections take place twice a year. 

Business Name Lookup

The NH Department of Secretary State does its best to update its databases. In other words, now you can use the NH QuickStart search page. Specifically, it includes all the data and documents filed in this state.  

Name Availability Guidelines

Selecting a title for your company is one of the first steps that you should consider. Importantly, the type of legal entity does not play a role in this case. Whether it is an LLC, partnership, or corporation, it is essential to name your company in a proper way. It means that the title must be unique. Specifically, it cannot repeat the title of other corporations. 

The most recent guideline regarding name availability was released in 2019.  

What is Required?  

There are several requirements to file a trade title. Further, if your company’s title is different from your legal name, you should file an application. The applicants should submit it to the New Hampshire Secretary of State. 

Note that this process is mandatory. In addition, the fee is $50. 

Business Status Definitions

Some of the most important business status definitions are:

  • Active - entity or name that does not file any reports.

  • Converted - a foreign entity transferred to a different type of entity that is not registered in this state.  

  • Forfeited - a trade title that expired before 12/2004.

  • Good Standing - an entity that has filed all the fees and reports.

  • Merged - an entity merged into another entity.

  • Reserved Name - a title held for 120 days.

Create a New Business or Nonprofit

You should register your business with the New Hampshire Secretary of State through QuickStart. First, you will need to define the type of your company (Corporation, LLC, etc.). Afterward, you will have to check if your desired title is available. 

Order a Certificate

The Corporation Division issues a black-and-white seal on all certificates issued by this office. Specifically, all certificates are computer-generated. Additionally, no certificates are provided with a raised gold seal. 

Moreover, the latest certificates will include the business ID number. In addition, they will also contain a certificate number. 

File an Annual Report

You can file your annual report through your QuickStart account. 

Registered Agent List

Below, you can find the names of companies that can become registered agents. 


Tel: (603) 513-7829

Address: 84 W BROADWAY SUITE 200

DERRY NH 03038

Email: [email protected]


Toll-Free Fax: (800) 345- 4647

Toll-Free Tel: (800) 432- 3622

Address: 1 OLD LOUDON RD



Toll-Free Tel: (800) 927- 9800

Email: [email protected]

Address: 10 FERRY ST, SUITE 313


Note that these are the names of only some registered agents. 

How Much Does a Business License Cost in New Hampshire?  

To get a business license, the applicants must pay $250. Also, the applicants must provide an application and supporting documentation. It is mandatory to renew it every year.


What is the New Hampshire Secretary of State number?

You can contact the NH Secretary of State by emailing [email protected]. Also, you can call the Corporate Information Line at 603-271-3246.

Do I need to register my business title in NH? 

It is mandatory to register your business with the Secretary of State. You may or may not be required to provide additional documents depending on the type of your company. Moreover, all applicants can download the necessary files from the official website. 

How much is the annual fee for an LLC in New Hampshire?

The annual fee for an LLC in this province is $100. In addition, the report must be filed every year by April 1. 

Contact Information

Mail Address:

Corporation Division
NH Department of State
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301- 4989
Telephone Number: 603- 271- 3246

Additionally, you can contact the information line from 8:00 am- 4:30 pm.  

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