New Hampshire Barber License

New Hampshire Barber License

In New Hampshire, barbers can operate not only as a barber but work at beauty salons and spas, with other cosmetologists. However, to do this, one needs to obtain a New Hampshire Barber license. This enables them to work legally, pay taxes and get even more revenue.

The main requirement for licensure is that the applicant should be at least 18 years old, have some work experience, and complete special testing.  In fact, it’s not that hard if you really take care of details and follow the generic steps. Let’s check them out together.

Pass a state training

While in Georgia, an applicant must pass a 1500-hour training, NH requires only 800 hours of continuing education. You must attend any state-approved school. However, if you want to upgrade to a master’s you have to pass 1500 hours of training.

NH courses generally include lessons from the History of barbering to Shaving and Facial hair design. That means the course includes both practice and theory. NH also has an apprenticeship program. In this case, you need to pass 800 hours of training and get working experience. For master’s the board requirement is 1500 hours.

Apply for the New Hampshire Barber License Examination

Whenever you have finished the course, you can apply to take an exam. In order to register and schedule an exam, you should fulfill the following steps:

  • Fill in the New Hampshire Exam Request Form or you apply online for the test.
  • Attach the required documents.
  • Make payments.

Whenever you successfully complete these steps you will receive a letter including the test date and time. The committee also sends you the terms and conditions you should get acquainted with.

If you need to transfer your license from another state to NH, you must apply to the reciprocity program and fill in the request form. The other documents you must include are valid mail addresses, documents’ copies as well as any diplomas or certificates available. Attach also two passport photos of you.

Exam phases

In fact, NH has three phases of examination:

  • Practical
  • State law
  • Written

In order to successfully complete this step, you have to score at least 75%. You get the results in up to 10 days. The website shows your score only two weeks until you receive a hard copy.

After getting a hard copy, you need to visit the local office or open the website, fill in the application form, make payments and attach required documents. The State Board of Licensure will review, and if everything is done in order, you will obtain your permit.

How to renew my New Hampshire Barber License

Every odd year, you should renew your license. The due date is your birth date. Two months before the expiration, the board sends a notification to remind you about the renewal.

Whenever you’re ready to submit the renewal documents you are to make a payment of $40 and attach two passport photos. You must also provide a copy of the previous permit, signed request form as well as SSD number.

What concerns the courses, you don’t have to pass it unless you’re an instructor.

Amalik B

Amalik B

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