New Hampshire Auction License

New Hampshire Auction License

The New Hampshire Auction license is the first step in your new career as a trader. However, the licensing process requires a great deal of attention to detail and standards.

The article below is a guide on the specifications and application process as well as required testing. So, let’s have a look at them.

Requirements for New Hampshire Auction License

New Hampshire Board of Auctioneers controls the sector and issues permits. Generally, there are no specific requirements for NH residents, other than taking the obligatory examination. However, there are still some steps, that should certainly make your path easier.

Here are some general requirements and documents that might be of use if you follow and pay attention to:

  • School diploma (compulsory)
  • College certificate
  • Apprenticeship in a trading firm
  • Attendance to the actual auctions
  • Getting enrolled in relevant schools

Although it is not obligatory to attend specialized schools, however, this may be a beneficial experience. Also, getting an apprenticeship in a specialized company is quite a good idea. It is not an obligatory thing in NH, yet there are some states, such as Tennessee and Ohio, where this point is an actual requirement. Moreover, applicants need to have two years of experience as an apprentice.

New Hampshire Auction License Examination

To get the NH Auction permit, the first step is to take the examination. The latter is to check whether you have enough knowledge that enables you to work in the sphere. Only after getting positive results from the exam, does it become possible to fill in the application form and file it to the Board. If your application meets the conditions, the Board will approve it, and shortly after you will become a licensed specialist.

All the examiners should have the following;

  • Admission ticket
  • ID (Drivers Permit )

During the exam, all devices are turned off. The examiners will have all the necessary things under their hands, such as paper, pencils, erasers, etc. Its duration is about three hours. The fee is $75. The payment should be made at least two weeks earlier than the actual date of the exam. Together with a completed application form, applicants should submit it to the mailing address specified at the end of the article.

About two weeks later, the Board notifies the applicants about the grades. If the grade is passable, applicants can go forward with the licensure process. However, if it is not satisfactory, retaking it is obligatory.

Materials to study

To be successful in your endeavors, it will be wiser to take your time and prepare for the exam. Yet, what especially do you need to study? Some of the main questions are about the relevant law and regulations. Applicants need to be knowledgeable about the main terms used in trades.

Salary and opportunities

The good news is that the auctioneer’s salary in NH is one of the highest in the US. Among the highest paying states are Massachusetts, Alaska, and Nevada. Here the annual income varies from $36,000 to $37,000. However, NH is also quite generous in this respect. The average annual salary is $31,000. The monthly pay reaches $2,626, whereas the hourly wage is $15.15.

New Hampshire Auction License Reciprocity

In fact, the Board can provide the permit to residents from other U.S states. Yet, the conditions present there should be either equal or even higher than in NH.

Below you can see the list of the qualified states: Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Indiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Contact Info

Tel: 271-3242 OR
Address: Secretary of State’s Office
107 North Main Street
State House Room 204
Concord, N.H. 03301

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