New Hampshire Attorney License

New Hampshire Attorney License

Have you ever thought of becoming a lawyer? Moreover, have you been dreaming of getting an attorney license? Continue reading as we are going to present a step-by-step process for becoming an attorney in the State of New Hampshire and getting an attorney license.

Becoming a lawyer sounds and feels like becoming a superhero, right? But if becoming a superhero usually happens by accident in one night, then you need thousands of sleepless nights to become a good attorney and to be able to help others with legal advice.

Moreover, to practice law you need to be a qualified and licensed lawyer.

Only after you obtain your attorney license people will know for sure their rights are in safe hands. If you have got a license, it means that you have a good educational background and lots of work done. So, let’s start checking the process so you know what you have to do next.

Does a lawyer need an attorney license to practice law in New Hampshire?

To practice law and give legal advice in the State of New Hampshire, a lawyer needs a license. If he does not have a license, the Bar will consider him a nonlawyer. This means he will not be able to call himself an attorney.

How can I become an attorney?

  1. Let’s begin with your education. You need to obtain a bachelor’s degree first, before applying to a law school. It’s good if your college or university has accreditation from a national or regional agency that is recognized by the Department of Education of the USA.
  2. Second, when you have already got your bachelor’s degree, you need to sit for an LSAT exam – take a Law School Admission Test. Note that the fee for this test is $190 which you can pay online when submitting your application.
  3. When you have taken your LSAT test and got a passing score, you are now ready to apply to a law school in New Hampshire. It must be an ABA-approved school located in the USA, as the Supreme Court of the Bar Admissions Committee of New Hampshire has decided.
  4. If you have successfully finished the ABA-approved law school and got a Juris Doctor degree, then you can apply to sit for the state bar exam.
  5. Now that you are going to take the state bar exam, remember that you have only four attempts. If you fail all four times, you can’t retake it anymore.
  6. If you have passed the state bar exam, then accept our congratulations! Now you are admitted to the New Hampshire Bar and have become a licensed member of it!

How to check if an attorney has a license?

If you are hiring an attorney in New Hampshire, it is good to check if he is a licensed professional. Check also if his status is updated. You just need to enter some details in the search tool above that we have created for your fast search. Enter the license number so you can see his law school, his history as an attorney, and much more.

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